Marketing & business development

  • Analysis of the project idea to evaluate the correct placement in the field of calls
    regional, national and/or community
  • Complete design assistance. Support for the preparation of your own
    call for applications
Marketing picture


Imagine your digitized and indexed documents. Create your search keys, to make your big data fast to look for in order to increase your business. Integrate everything with your management without producing paper, keeping the document values ​​unchanged in maximum efficiency. Thanks to new technologies and regulations in force, a large number of documents can be generated and stored digitally and be available with a simple click. To this must be added the conservation in replacement mode. It is anticipated for many types of documents, including: company books, accounting records, delivery notes, active and passive invoices, orders, PEC receipts, bank account balances, CAD CAM projects, quality documents, reminder letters, health records and reports , etc.
You can trust us:
• The drafting and maintenance of the conservation manual
• The responsibility of conservation, with your indemnity for all the required legislative obligations
• Digital signature and brand of conservation batches
• Maximum levels of security: backup, double encryption, etc.

Electronic invoicing

The obligation of B2B electronic invoicing (in our country for everything and everyone starting from 1 January 2019) is now a reality. Not just towards the public administration, which is already in force, so we try to transform an obligation into opportunities, through our solutions that can reconfigure digital flows in B2B relationships.